Kursus ini membincangkan pengenalan Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam, Kurikulum  Pendidikan Islam zaman awal Islam, perkembangan Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam, Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam KSSR, sejarah pelaksanaan tulisan jawi di Malaysia,ejaan jawi yang disempurnakan, kata pinjaman dan pengenalan ilmu seni khat.

This course focuses on the development of Islamic education from the time of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w until now. The main focus includes the formation and implementation of the KSSR curriculum in Islamic Education. Furthermore this course emphasises on Jawi education specifically on the history of writing development and spelling of jawi, new Jawi spelling system by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, spelling and writing skill and introduction of khat types as well as the exercise on khat writing.